The Radon Risk for Your Children at School

radon risk at schoolWe are nearing the end of summer and our kids are ready to go back to school.  The question is: are the schools ready for your children?  Did you know that many of our schools here in Colorado Springs are at risk for some of the highest levels of radon exposure in town?

What is radon?  It’s a radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of granite and uranium within the ground.  It creeps into buildings and can cause long term chronic illness from prolonged exposure; mainly lung cancer.  In fact, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.

As of now, the public schools in Colorado are not required to mitigate if high levels of radon are found within their facilities.  Many of the schools who were tested in 2018 were an average of 4 times higher than the EPA standard and one was as high as 38 times the standard level.

At Advanced Radon Systems, we feel it is very important to spread awareness of this dangerous issue and to open a discussion with your local school boards to find out the status of their radon levels, as well as the plans to fix the problem.  It is your right as a parent to be assured that your child is attending school in a safe and healthy environment.

For more information, please contact Brandon Atha at  or (719) 205-6461.