Radon Mitigation

Colorado Springs Radon Mitigation

In Colorado Springs we are known to have concentrated levels of uranium in some areas of our soil. Radon is quite common and is a naturally occurring element in many areas of the world. As these radioactive elements break down or go through what’s sometimes known as a decay series they release radon gas as a “decay product”. This gas travels through the soil and can radiate into the air.

Unfortunately, sometimes the path that radon rich air takes is through your home.

Radon can find its way into buildings through foundation cracks. This can often allow radon to build up in homes and business properties. When not allowed to dissipate normally, radon can build up to a dangerous level. Therefor becoming dangerous to the inhabitants of a home or business.

radon mitigation sysyem

What Do I Do About Dangerous Radon Levels?

Our Colorado Springs Radon mitigation experts can offer you a solution to negate dangerous levels of radon in your home or business. This is done by providing a path for the radon to safely travel to it’s destination without passing through or building up in your home or building.

How Does Mitigation Work?

You may think that a Radon mitigation system would be intrusive. However, these systems are often placed out of the way and mostly unnoticeable. They can often be customized or painted to match your home as well. Rendering the system a mental side note.

A commonly installed radon mitigation system is a sub slab depressurization system, which creates suction to an area under your building. This allows radon to be funneled out of where it has the potential to harm you or your family. This is a preferred method if you’re home or business doesn’t have a sump pump or French drain.

There are several other ways to mitigate radon. Call us today for more info!

So, How Much Does Radon Mitigation Cost?

radon mitigation systemIt really does depend on your location, your house or business, and who you choose to install the system. There are many things your Radon Specialist will need to take into account. They are often very affordable and, in some cases, can take less than a day to install.

One trick you can try if you are buying a home in an area with high concentrations of radon, like Colorado Springs. You could consider asking the seller to install a mitigation system. That way your system can be installed while you are waiting to close and can sometimes even be included without impacting the cost you’ll pay for the home.

No matter the situation, our radon mitigation specialists can help you through it all. Contact us today!