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About Radon Inspection & Mitigation

Advanced Radon Systems has proudly offered Colorado Springs radon testing for over a decade. Furthermore, we’re locally owned and operated. We have unmatched dedication to helping property owners protect themselves. Especially, from the dangers of radon gas. In addition, we’re committed to the highest standards and service in the field. Don’t put off something as serious as a radon problem. The consequences can outweigh the costs.

The EPA suggests taking action with a test reading of 4 (pCi/L) or more. As far as studies show, there is no safe level of radon. Prevention is by far the best solution. Catching the problem before it can cause havoc on your life.

We provide radon testing for homes with radon issues. Radon is dangerous if not properly dealt with.


  • American Association of Radon Scientists.
  • Technologists/National Radon Proficiency Program (AARST/NRPP).

We’re a 100% professional radon practice. That is to say, Advanced Radon Systems is your trusted radon service.

Here’s why:

  • Superior customer service.
  • No obligation on-site evaluations.
  • Post mitigation testing results is guaranteed.
  • Helping Coloradans breathe easier one home at a time.

Don’t take a chance with the health of your family or employees. Let us perform a radon test for you today! The benefits of taking care of radon far overshadow the cost of inspections and possibly mitigation. In conclusion, don’t wait to get your home or office checked. Testing, remediation, and mitigation are quite affordable.

If you’ve considered a radon test, now’s a better time than ever. Colorado has quite high levels of radon. In fact, we’re considered a Zone 1 by the EPA. Many homes across the front range are in need of testing.

Radon testing is not only easy but fairly convenient. This minimally invasive test can be easier than you think. Also, if you require a radon mitigation system, it’s probably much less intrusive than you think. An expert can install a small typically hidden piping system. This process basically eliminates the possibility of radon from flowing through the house.

For more on radon mitigation visit our radon inspection page. Advanced radon will take care of you. Call us today!