Radon Inspection

radon inspectionGetting a radon inspection is something that every person that owns a home should think about and get done every now and then. One of the biggest problems when it comes to radon is the fact that people generally do not even think there is a problem. Most people get smoke alarms and attach them to the ceiling, but not enough people make sure that there is no radon in their homes, or that the levels are not very high.

According to the EPA, Radon is responsible for 21,000 deaths a year and is the second leading cause of lung cancer. So radon is something that should definitely be taken seriously. Kids are at a higher risk and if you are a smoker you may be at the highest risk. Those people who smoke and also have radon problems in their home are at a severe risk when it comes to developing lung cancer.

Radon Remediation

There is an easy way to solve the radon problem, contact Advanced Radon Systems. Testing for radon is very easy when you contact us. After your initial check it is still very important to continue to check on a yearly basis just like you inspect your furnace every year, you should also check for radon in your home.

Radon is a gas that comes up from out of the earth and it is almost impossible to predict where it is going to seep into your home. Levels that did not have a radon problem may become areas that have a lot of radon simply based on a shift under the ground, where more radon seeped up through the earth. This is why yearly radon checks are important to have done for your family’s health.