Radon Mitigation Proposal/Agreement

Date: Proposed Date of Mitigation:
Client: Mitigation Location:
Phone: Radon Starting Level pCi/L:


Active System:
X   Install a radon mitigation fan with a factory warranty
X   Install venting to carry radon gas above the roof eave
X   Exit at box sill or foundation wall
X   Exit out through garage or home roof
X   Install fire collars at fire wall penetrations
X   Provide retest at original site
Passive System:
X   Install a submersible sump pump 3 year factory warranty
X   Utilize Client's submersible sump pump
X   Seal sump crock and install view port
X   Caulk and seal floor cracks to assure proper function of the mitigation system

Other work necessary:
Note: The company's liability is limited to the factory warranties on the equipment installed. All labor is to be performed as stated in this agreement. It is to be completed in an experienced contractor-like manner.

Work to be completed for the sum of $

Payment will immediate follow the installation of the radon mitigation system.
Submitted by: Company representative

In the event that any of the terms of this contract are breached, including and not limited to the fee for parts and labor; the company will be entitled to collect collection fees, attorney fees and interest set at 18% per annum.

No changes may be made in stated installation specifications without written contract and associated charges above the proposed estimate of cost. If any changes are made to the home in the form of remodeling or damage, the company can not be held liable for the damage to the system. Client will inform the company of the same. The company holds the right to make adjustments to proposed costs, if upon viewing and analyzing the work site, the contractor determines that additional material and labor would be necessary to assure the proficiency and safety of the system. Client will be informed at the time, and required to approve all of the same.

The radon mitigation proposal may be withdrawn, if not accepted in 15 days from the date of the proposal, by the company I am satisfied with the above price, conditions and specifications of installation, and fully accept the same. I will make payments as described above. I fully understand that this is a warranty that the radon level will be reduced to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) accepted level of below 4.0 pCi/L.

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